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We have 7 lakes that are open to the public........

The three main pleasure lakes are located next to each other just a short walk from the reception and the Tackle and Baits shop. Our lakes are stocked with similar ratios, sizes of silver fish and carp to 22lbs. These waters have between 22 and 26 pegs per pool.

A fourth and fifth pools, Woodlands top and bottom pools, they can be found as its name suggests on the edge of the wood behind the reception.

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Dodleston Lake (Specimen)

For the specimen fisherman we have the Dodleston Lake which is 2 acres, situated in a quieter part of the site and away from the main lakes. With some big carp action! This lake has some stunning Mirrors and some clean Commons, average catches are between 10 to 20lbs with an impressive Mirror (The Dodleston scaly) at 28lb. another impressive fish is the Big Ghostie which is normally just shy of 20lb.

For a unique Chester Lakes experience booking is essential via our online booking system due to huge demand and a limit of our eight pegs on this water.

All our specimen lake pegs are set-up with electric hook-up and lights - you can park your car and setup your bivvy right by the water’s edge. There is NO CAMPING around this lake to ensure peaceful fishing. STRICTLY only over 21 years of age can fish.

There are specific rules for Dodleston.

  • Micromesh carp net must be used
  • Specimen unhooking mat or cradle must be used.
  • Minimum mainline 10lb (no braided mainline)
  • Maximum hook size 6 (Barbless)
  • No nuts
  • Any Particle or pellets must be purchased at our on-site tackle shop.
  • Only fish from designated pegs.
  • Anglers must be 21 or over.
  • Carp rods must be used and must be 2.5 test curve at least.
  • No floating baits or surface fishing.

Gorstella Lake (Specimen)

Gorstella Lake is now available to the public, once a Lymm anglers water, Gorstella is 5 acres and is a low stock deep lake rich in natural food, this lake has 6 pegs and booking is advised.

The stocks of this water are low, with the abundance of natural food in Gorstella makes this a difficult water, any experienced angler willing to put in the time here will be rewarded with some of the stunning fish.

There are specific rules for Gorstella.

  • 42INCH Micro mesh landing net must be used.
  • Anglers must be 21 or over.
  • Carp care kit is advised.
  • Specimen unhooking mat or cradle must be used.
  • Minimum mainline 14lb (no braided mainline).
  • Maximum hook size 6 (Barbless).
  • Carp rods must be 2.5 test curve.
  • Any particle and pellets must be bought from our onsite tackle shop.
  • Bait limit of 2kilo per 24hrs
  • No Nuts.
  • No groundbait to be used.
  • All unused or unwanted bait must be taken home or disposed of.
  • Only fish from designated pegs.
  • No spectators.
  • No floating baits or surface fishing.

Eccleston Lake (First Lake)

An acre in size with a central island and 20 pegs, the rectangular shaped Eccleston Lake.

The lake is deepest off the south bank where 11 feet of water can be found between the bank and the island. It is also deep between the north bank and the island where the bottom is 10 feet deep. The remainder of the pool is about 9 feet deep.

With no particular hot spots, Eccleston has a two feet wide shelf about 1-2-foot-deep all the way round the edge.

It holds some 12,500 fish with carp being the predominant species. These include common and mirror carp to 22lbs with the average size being between 6lbs and 10lbs. The lake is also stocked with roach and Rudd between 10oz and 12oz; Perch to about 1lb; skimmer Bream to 7lb and small Tench of about six inches in length.

Sweetcorn, soft hooker pellets, meat and paste are all good baits for the carp on Eccleston, particularly when fished up in the water no more than two feet deep.

Unless you are going after the double figure carp it pays to fish light with nothing stronger than a 5lb line and 16 or 18 hook. Best bait for the roach and rudd tends to be caster whilst sweetcorn, worm, meat and pellet are good for the tench. As is to be expected, worm and maggot are best for the perch with bread, sweetcorn, small pieces of worm, meat, caster and maggot all good for the skimmers.

Please note - Camping is not permitted around this lake.


At about an acre in size, Aldford Lake is the middle of the three main pleasure/match waters at Chester Lakes and is the venue's main competition water.

With 26 pegs the pool has banks which drop at 45 degrees to its maximum depth of 12 feet in the centre. The water off the west bank runs between five and seven feet deep whilst up to eight feet of water can be found in the bay on the north bank.

Alford has been stocked with 14,500 fish which include Common and Mirror carp to 20lbs but averaging between 5lbs and 12lbs; Roach and Skimmers to 1lb; Rudd and Perch to 10oz and some small Tench which once again were stocked at about six inches.

Because Alford is Chester Lakes main match water, most anglers fish it with the pole or method feeder using high visual wafter pellets or sweetcorn as bait. Once again, unless going for the bigger carp, it pays to fish light with nothing bigger than a Size 16s hook to 4lb line.

Alford is also a popular venue for Chester Lakes Open Matches. For more information contact Jordan at the Tackle and Baits shop.

Once again there are no particular hot spots on Alford and the secret tends to be to attract the fish into your swim with samples of hook bait and then keep them there by feeding little and often.

Please note - Camping is not permitted around this lake.

Pulford Lake

The closest of the three main waters to reception, Pulford Lake is again about an acre in size but unlike the other two tends to be an out-and-out waggler water with a method or cage feeder useful for getting to the deep 12-foot water along the centre of the lake or for fishing the bottom which tends to average between nine and 10 feet wherever you fish.

Camping is permitted around Pulford, we recommend anglers looking for a peaceful visit, to book one of our other lakes.

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