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To make sure our site runs as smoothly and safely as possible we ask all our guests to be aware of the following... 

  • Please be aware that Chester Lakes has an on-site speed limit of 10mph
  • Fishing is a separate cost to staying either camping, caravans or BBQ PODS
  • All anglers and guests / visitors must register, all that wish to fish must pay BEFORE fishing.
  • All bookings including vouchers and competitions are non-transferrable and all offers and promotions may be removed by management at any time
  • Strictly NO swimming or boating, anyone found to be attempting to swim in any of Chester Lakes will be asked to leave. Re-entry to Chester Lakes will NOT be re considered.
  • Strictly no dogs / pets allowed around any of the lakes.
  • Dogs are welcome to stay in caravans and motorhomes only.
  • All visitors to the site must keep to the paths at all times and not cause damage to flora or fauna.
  • Gazebos are not to be erected in the Lakeside fishing area (Only in camping areas)
  • Barbless hooks only to be used on the match pools
  • Maximum hook size 10 barbless
  • No floating baits or tiger nuts to be used.Bait boats allowed on Gorstella Lake only.
  • When fishing on the Dodleston lake 10lb line minimum plus maximum size 6 hooks.
  • When fishing on the Gorstella lake 14lb minimum mainline, (no braided mainlines) and must have carp rods minimum 2.5lbs test curve.
  • BBQ’s may be used on hard standing only (No camp fires. Fire pits available for hire from Chester Lakes)
  • All litter must be taken away including cigarette ends.
  • No refunds for cancellations, when possible we can offer a reschedule within a 4 week period
  • Day tickets are from dawn to dusk. (24hrs, 8am to 8am)
  • All landing nets must be dipped before fishing (keep nets must only be used during matches)
  • No Keep nets allowed
  • All rigs must be semi fixed or running. (No braided main lines)
  • All left over bait to be taken away with you. (Any leftover maggot must be discarded into lakes and not placed in on site bins)
  • All bait in moderation.
  • A bait limit of 2kilo per 24 hours on Gorstella lake.
  • All particle bait must be inspected before fishing.
  • Respect other anglers and your surroundings.
  • No children under 16 years old allowed at Chester Lakes without adult supervision.
  • No under 21 years can fish the Specimen lakes, including spectators. (Maximum one spectator per angler, Dodleston Lake only)
  • No spectators on Gorstella lake.
  • All fish to be handled with care and returned as quickly as possible. (Anglers must have an unhooking mat)
  • Anyone caught breaking these rules will be banned for a period of time or life by site management.
  • The owners accept no liability for loss or damage to vehicles or equipment whilst using this facility. No tackle should be left unattended



Prices: Electric £5 per night

            Main Lakes - £5 (half day), £7 (full day)
            Bivvies & fishing (Main lakes) - £15 pp (up to 24hrs)
            Dodleston Lake (Specimen) - £10 (12hrs),  £20 (24hrs)

            Gorstella Lake (Large Specimen) £15 (12hrs) £30 (24 hrs)

            No tents/camping. Small Bivvies allowed.


Contact Us

Chester Lakes, Church Road,
Dodleston, Chester, CH4 9LQ

Tel: 07860 133 133
No phone calls after 8pm at night please (emergencies only)

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